Let’s all get together on Google+ and talk about Google+ (and tech)

Rocky Agrawal says that he finally blocked Robert Scoble on Google+ and wonders if Google can solve the Robert Scoble problem that afflicts most new social networks:

This is an ongoing problem with new social networks. Silicon Valley celebrities dominate the conversation. A close friend is on the Google+ top 100 list; I can’t comment on one of his posts without keeping my notification indicator lit for days at a time as his large following continually responds to the post.

While this may create a great experience for popular people in Silicon Valley and even for readers in Silicon Valley, it’s not the way to build a mass-market social network.

I wasn’t on Facebook in its very, very early days. But I would be willing to bet the conversation was not primarily about tech companies and the lives of tech executives. It was more likely about hot people on campus, Cambridge bars and restaurants, terrible professors, crappy weather, the success of the crew team and who hooked up with whom.


I was on Facebook in the early days, and I can tell you that the discussions on the site were not about Facebook or about tech. It was a social experience that anyone could enjoy and the site appealed to just about anyone on campus.

To be fair, I’ve been talking a lot about Google+ on Google+ because the site is filled with geeks and what else would a self respecting geek be talking about right now? In my opinion, Google+ needs to go public, let anyone who wants to join in and get ahead of this issue.


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