RIM may already be discontinuing the wi-fi Playbook

Despite all the hype, the Playbook has been a flop. Now comes this:

Sales targets for the PlayBook were slashed from an expected 2.4 million units to just 800,000 units in late June.

During its fiscal first quarter, RIM announced shipments of 500,000 PlayBooks. I’ll stress again, those are shipments from RIM to the channel — that doesn’t mean that they actually sold all of those tablets. For all we know, they could be sitting on retailer’s shelves.

Write this down: People want iPads, not random tablets. Why? Usability, usability, usability.

I’m not sure if  there is a computing device available today that better demonstrates what we mean by the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. It’s a technology device for humans — all humans, not just technologists. Trying to sell a tablet based on specs — like computers used to be sold 10-15 years ago — is exactly how you don’t sell a tablet.

You sell a tablet by selling an experience.


2 Comments on “RIM may already be discontinuing the wi-fi Playbook”

  1. Devon Petley says:

    Inclined to agree. That said, is iPad really the “only” game in town with the proliferation of Android tablets?

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