Khan Academy videos being integrated into digital textbooks

From Mashable:

The 12-minute video lectures that Bill Gates has called “the start of a revolution” will now be linked with the material in some digital textbooks. Etextbook maker Kno announced Monday that it will integrate thousands of tutorial videos from Khan Academy into its books.

The concept is pretty great. Textbooks don’t just need to be made digital in text form, but rather they need to come to life. The ability to integrate lecture videos and other multimedia content should really help push digital textbooks over the top and start to break up the hegemony that the traditional textbook companies have over the textbook market.


3 Comments on “Khan Academy videos being integrated into digital textbooks”

  1. Jake says:

    This seems like a great idea but only accessible to students with next generation digital textbooks. Any suggestions of how can to integrate digital material into term papers, course assignments, business reports and other more laymen types of texts? It seems impossible with .word, and .pdf formats.

    • There is always the option of making Web pages, especially Web pages made with Web standards. Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can have access to digital material.

      I would avoid Word and PDFs at all costs. Why not just make a simple Web site with text, links and embedded videos?

  2. […] Khan Academy being integrated into digital books — Now this is a great idea for the future of electronic textbooks. […]

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