Episode 11: The glory days

Sorry for the delay with posting this episode. Hurricane Irene knocked out my power and then my vacation knocked out my will to edit this episode. But here it is, and it’s one of our best. I promise.

Onto the show.

Twitter exploded after the earthquake in Virginia.  Twitter had more traffic from the earthquake than it did when Bin Laden was killed. People in NYC found out about the earthquake from Twitter before the earthquake made it to NYC.

Think about that for a second.

My first impulse was to check twitter after the earthquake happened. At first, we weren’t sure what happened at my work. Many of us wondered if nearby construction was the the cause of the shaking, but Twitter quickly educated me to the fact that people all over were feeling the same thing.

We discuss how it’s time for a disruption in textbooks. And why are ebooks just like print textbooks? Ebooks, by definition, are electronic. The good news is that there are some people innovating in the textbook space by incorporating video and other multimedia content.

And don’t get us started on the new law banning Missouri educators from interacting with students on social media. OK, get us started.

Listen to this week’s show:


Show notes:


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