“In the Google+ universe, created by nerds rather than jocks, being popular only gets you so far”

Mike Elgan explains how Google+’s extended circles disincentivizes people treating Google+ like Twitter and only following a few people:

Twitter is like high school. The equivalent of being the popular captain of the football team or head cheerleader is to have a massive number of followers, but to be following very few. Some of the mega-celebrities, for example, have more than a million followers, but themselves are following like 12 people.

Google+, however, which was built by math and computer nerds, turns that scenario upside down. If you think about it: Your potential reach on G+ is affected more by who you follow than by who’s following you. Let me explain.

I can theoretically reach 25 million people, even if nobody is following me <sniff!>. If nobody is following me on Twitter, my tweets will reach zero people.

This only applies to those who check their incoming stream, but it’s an interesting take nonetheless. Twitter has been overrun, in some ways, by celebrities who do little interacting and little following. Google+ is trying to get away from that broadcast model.