Into the wild of local news non-profits and their quest for sustainability

The Knight Foundation has a great graphic to go with their new report on local news non-profits and business models:


Episode 2: The cloud we long for

This week we start off talking about the cloud we could have, which is far more robust than iCloud promises or what Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft or Google offer.

Imagine a world where you could store everything remotely — especially big files such as songs, video and photos — and mount them in native applications or high quality Web apps. You would be able to interact with these files like they were stored locally.

These services and others allow us to store data remotely, but a huge missing link is high quality Internet that would allow us to access these files quickly and seamlessly while on the go or at home. Even relatively fast home Internet doesn’t allow us to interact with our remotely stored media in the same manner as locally-stored content.

We talk about much more this week, including 1 Gpbs Internet, The Knight News Challenge, Internet use the and human brain and Pat’s Bank of America Twitter story.

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